What is Social Storytelling?

Social storytelling is basically a combination of “social media” and “storytelling’. But there is more than meets the eye. We often see brands that are excelling in social media over others. Why is that so? These brands understand that their fans have an appetite for content and not just any content but creative content that pique their interest. What is needed is to allow customers to carry out their own creative storytelling on social media.

The Importance of Content Creativity

The Hill+Knowlton D2: Creativity Conference highlighted this. Storytelling has always played a part in communicating with the general public – whether on social media or traditional media. In the context of business, it must all connect to a brand’s purpose or narrative. Hence, the stories customers tell should create a resounding impact on this purpose and narrative.

For example, imagine a bar’s grand opening night or a launch of a new fashion collection. These businesses would want their brand to build hype and excitement from the launch day. How should they use the power of social media to get their fans and prospective customers to engage in social storytelling during the event?

Snap. Print. Share – Let your customers tell their stories

At Im:pressius, our flagship digital technologies merge the virtual with the physical. By letting guests print out their Instagram pictures instantly, we are giving them an avenue to create their own user-content. These photos will create lasting memories of your brand while also sticking to any surface. Thus extending its reach even after the event is over.

Our unique and fun method also encourages customers to post the photos on social media before being printed. This will create a lot of buzz on social media, and coupled with the use of hash tags, your brand will literally be viral on social media.

In addition, we also provide a live feed gallery of the photos during your event itself. Your customers can view photos that have been hash tagged with the event hash tag, thus making it a fun and lively experience.

Memories that Stick

This forms the basis of our interactive media that communicates your brand to your customers through visuals and user-orientedness. This will result in a wide reach on social media, telling stories with your brand and event. The physical photo stickers themselves will reinforce the virtual impact to your customers.

We understand that companies need to better engage their brand’s audience and tell their story in a user-oriented way. Creative storytelling needs to form an aspect of their content strategy. This is why we exist – to help you create #memoriesthatstick.