Why do we keep doing this?

We get this new incredible software, that new amazing smartphone with endless features, an expensive new laptop that will make your work life so much easier.

But then, what we do is only use its most basic functions, not taking the time to really understand it, to get the most out of it.

The same goes for our business events. Or marketing. We do many good things. But we don’t do them how they need to be done in order to get maximum return on our investment.

Isn’t that just a waste of our money? Our time? Our potential?

Let’s not do the same with your Impressius investment. Let’s really get every little bit of money and social media attention out of this.

User generated content is the future. Impressius is a core product for it. So let’s do this the right way.

Read this article all the way to the end and find awesome tips on how to skyrocket the social media ROI on your Impressius investment. Yes, it may seem like a lot of work – but let’s be honest – what part of your business comes without having to put in thought, time, and effort – if done right?


With that in mind, let’s jump right in and take a look at some great Impressius tactics that will supercharge your events.

Visibility and attraction

Okay, this one is pretty obvious.

But you would be surprised how many people actually overlook this point: put your Impressius printer close to your event’s landmarks, at a place where many people pass and which leaves enough room for engagement without causing the spot to get too crowded.


What are pic-magnets? Never heard of them? Well, that’s because I’ve just made the word up. What I mean by that is: everything that will pull people in to take pictures.

There is so much stuff that can help you with that:

– A beautiful or quirky backdrop that will make people want to stand in front of it to take pictures.

– A nice prop that people can hold in their hands while taking the pics (for example: KFC used giant chicken wing props that people loved to hold or hug while taking pictures)

– People in costumes that match your brand and perform funny dances or just play around with your attendees

– Get popular influencers or celebrities to spend time at your booth and take pictures with people


Make it cool to do Impressius

People like to do whatever famous people do. It’s strange. But you know it’s true.

So if you can’t get your micro-influencers or celebrities to actually stand at the booth and take pictures with people, an alternative would be to display a giant gallery on a huge screen showing the Impressius prints of your event attendees.

Using the popularity and reach of micro-influencers is something you should include in your marketing anyway. If this is news to you, make sure to check out this article on why this should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

You can also make sure that people will flock to your printers and share their selfies on social media if you have something spectacular going on at your event.

Think of an exciting gimmick that you could use for that (how about a glow show? Or a fire tuba? Never heard of it? Check it out on the Internet – you’ll love it!).

Give them a chance to win!

People love winning. And free stuff. Why not use this as an incentive for them to take selfies and get them printed as well as shared on social media?

You could just add a coupon on the bottom of the Impressius print with which they get a discount for some of your products or for drinks/food at the event itself.

You could also do lucky draws for people who print their selfies, or arrange meets with one of your influencers – the options are endless!

If you can give away enticing prizes, our Lucky Draw animation is the perfect way to create excitement and boost your online buzz. You can choose between two modes:

  • Lucky draw: one or several winners are randomly selected among guests who have printed a photo.
  • Contest: winners are pre-selected according to your own criteria: best picture, most likes & comments…

This animation seamlessly scales to all display sizes: from computer monitor to projector and even huge multi-screen wall array.

Both – coupons and celebrity meetings – work extraordinarily well for getting shares on social media. People want to give their family and friends a chance to get the coupon as well, or to see that they have actually privately met somebody famous.

Bottom line: they will share until their phone explodes.

And the obvious…

Of course, your booth needs to look awesome! Do lots of decoration but keep it stylish. Brand your printer, as it will just look cooler and be stronger associated with your business. Have a big and clear signage so people know exactly what to expect and how it works. These are just some of our 21 tips on how to increase engagement at business events.

And definitely have an outgoing, good-looking person standing in front of your booth and encouraging people to take part.

Do you have more outstanding ideas for best practices to get the most out of your Impressius investment? Feel free to share your great ideas with us and the rest of the community!