Wedding photography is not just another item on the bridal package today.

Thanks to the ‘gram, most couples prefer not to skimp on their wedding photos budget. After all, much like your love, photos last forever, right?

If you’re looking for inspirations to make your wedding photos stand out from the rest, then you’ve landed on the right page.

For those who can’t keep still

Yes, those meticulously straight-out-of-a-k-drama photos of a couple staring into the depth of each other’s soul look amazing. But, those photos may require surgical precision to take, from your smile to your finger placement. On the happiest day of your life, you may find it difficult to stand still.

This is where animated photos or GIF can be a game changer.

Wind gushing through your hair or your partner bursting into laughter during the photoshoot will not ruin the picture. Instead, such movements will bring life and add story to your animated picture. Take a look at some of GIF photos for your inspiration.


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For those who love throwbacks

Why stop at celebrating the wedding day itself? Why not celebrate every milestone in your relationship too?

Inspired by the Half&Half project by Korean duo ShinLiArt who have taken the internet by storm by merging photos taken in two different cities as a way to bond while they lived apart, you can up your wedding photos game. Merge best moments captured throughout the relationship with those captured on your wedding day for a cool time-travel effect.

Not only will these photos look great on Instagram, they will also tell more stories about your relationships and how far you’ve come.


For those who’d like to let it flow

Wedding is no doubt a joyous occasion. But, it can also be hectic, especially for the both of you who have to cut the cake (and barely eat it), slow dance, make a toast, and greet the guests and relatives. Moments can easily slip by and get forgotten.

To help you preserve as many precious moments from your wedding day as possible, instead of focusing on posed photos, give your photographer a free pass to roam around and capture stolen moments.

The look in the groom’s eyes when he sees the bride in her dress, quiet moments with the parents before the ceremony, the laughing and dancing guests, these would all make for a pleasant surprise when you open your wedding album.


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For those who are over the top

Here’s a complaint we often hear from wedded couples: they spent so much money for the decoration or exotic locale, but only saw glimpses of it in the photos. If you want to ensure that you capture most, if not all, of the place, dress, or guests, aerial photography is here for you.

Engage a photographer who knows his/her way with drone and you are set to get breath-taking bird’s eye view of everything that is happening during your wedding. But, remember to check out the regulations before those drones take off.


Credits: Bobby Kiran photography

For those who just become Mr & Mrs

On the backdrop of glimmering lights and bouquets of flowers, decked in your suit/dress, you may look like king and queen for the day. But to each other, you are two best friends having a great time together and about to embark on an exciting adventure.

So, why not capture that bond?

Snap a few minimalistic, behind-the-scene photos of the two of you after the party or ceremony. Laden with genuine emotions away from the glamorous spotlight, these photos are going to be great memories to keep or to be included in the thank-you cards/emails for your guests.



Regardless of how you want your moments to be captured on your big day, make sure that you work with a photographer whose style agrees with you. Take the time to look through their portfolio to get a feel of their work before engaging their service.

Most importantly, share the joy on your big day by allowing your guests to not only be a part of your memory, but also bring part of the memory.

With Impressius, you can take photos anywhere, anytime during the wedding and convert them into instant prints for your keepsake.